Release 2.7.0

We’re happy to present brainCloud 2.7 – Easter Bunny Edition! 🙂

It’s been a busy couple of weeks as we prepare brainCloud for some pretty significant updates.  In the meantime, we’re delivering some smaller easter eggs of goodness just in time for the holidays.


  • External Web Services – Cloud Code scripts can now call external web services.  This greatly opens up the power of Cloud Code – allowing your apps to securely integrate with your own custom servers and/or third party services.  More details, including a tutorial.
  • Leaderboard API changes – in release 2.6 we introduced paging and relative views to our global leaderboards. The response was very favourable (some of you have already live with the new APIs!) – but alas we believe we missed a feature or two – like returning the total number of entries. We’ve addressed this, and restructured the APIs a bit to allow even more features in the future!
  • Reset User Stats – another popular request – it is now possible to reset a stat to its original value for the entire population of your app! Just click on the lightning bolt!

Reset User Stat

Portal Changes

  • [New] Cloud Code Web Services Page – located under Design | Cloud Code | Web Services, this page is used to construct a whitelist of services that can be called from your Cloud Code scripts.
  • [Updated] User Stats Page – new <Lightning Bolt> button allows you to reset a stat across all users
  • [Updated] Apps Management Page – redesigned to allow us to add additional features/functions in the future.  As a bonus, now includes a count of the number of users your app has…  (calculated nightly)
  • [Redesigned] User Monitor Page – redesigned user monitoring page, with a new [Log In As User] button at the bottom.

Updated User Summary Page

API Changes / Additions

  • New HttpProxyService – called from Cloud Code to allow calls to external web services.  Developers must create an entry in the web services whitelist first. [Go to Design | Cloud Code | Web Services ].  For more details, see the API Docs.
  • Leaderboard API changes – Based on developer feedback, we’ve made some modifications to the Leaderboard APIs introduced in Release 2.6.  The updated APIs can be viewed on the API Docs page.  Important Note – Release 2.7 still supports the 2.6 parameters, but that support will be removed in 2.8 (targeted for April 15th) – so upgrade to the new APIs now!

Misc Changes

  • [Updated] API Explorer – Authenticate service  – E-mail authentication is now the default authentication type. We’ve also changed the system defaults so that e-mail validation is *not* required for users to log in…  (a friendlier default for most apps)
  • Misc Improvements / Updates to the API Docs