brainCloud 4.9.5 is live!

brainCloud 4.9.5 is the last release of 2021, and targets a few key customer requests and performance and reliability improvements.

Release Highlights

Profanity Check Improvements

We have improved the built-in filtering of our WebPurify integration – so that devs can now choose to filter a user’s chat messages, and updates to their name, by their own language only (instead of against all configured languages).

You will find the new options:

  • on the Design | Integration | Manage Integrations screen for the player name settings
  • on the Design | Messaging | Chat screen for the chat message settings

Additional improvements

  • Async Match improvements – Deleting a player will now automatically abandon any asynchronous matches that they have in progress
  • Entity call improvements – added a new _serverTime field to the JSON responses of most get entity calls – as a convenience to client devs
  • Friend service improvements – more reliable retrieval of friend data across multiple social platforms ← a failure to retrieve friends from one service will no longer abort retrieving from the remaining services.
  • Leaderboard rotation improvements – Improvements to concurrency handling during Leaderboard rotations and Tournament processing
  • Lobby matchmaking – improved matchmaking performance under heavy loads
  • User batch processing – improved handling of larger data bundles during batch processing

Portal Changes

We’ve made the following portal improvements:

Design Section

  • Integrations | Manage Integrations
    • WebPurify – Added new options for improved targeting of languages for name profanity checks
  • Multiplayer | Chat
    • Added new options for improved targeting of languages during chat profanity checks
  • General
    • Adjusted the line-height of several components used in some log screens to address issue with low-hanging font characters being cut off

API Changes

The following changes/additions have affected the brainCloud API:

  • CustomEntity service
    • Added a _serverTime field to the ReadEntity(), ReadSingleton(), SysReadEntity(), GetEntityPage(), GetEntityPageOffset(), and GetRandomEntitiesMatching() responses
  • [User] Entity service
    • Added a _serverTime field to the GetEntitiesByType(), GetEntity(), GetList(), GetPage(), GetPageOffset(), GetSharedEntitiesForProfileId(), GetSharedEntitiesListForProfileId(), GetSharedEntityForProfileId(), GetSingleton() responses
  • GlobalEntity service
    • Added a _serverTime field to the GetList(), GetListByIndexedId(), GetPage(), GetPageOffset(), GetRandomEntitiesMatching(), GetSystemEntityList(), GetSystemEntityPage(), GetSystemEntityPageOffset(), ReadEntity(), ReadSystemEntity() responses
  • Group service
    • Added a _serverTime field to the ReadGroupEntitiesPage(), ReadGroupEntitiesPageByOffset(), ReadGroupEntity(), SysReadGroupEntitiesPage(), SysReadGroupEntitiesPageByOffset(), SysReadGroupEntity() responses

Miscellaneous Changes / Fixes

  • Updated libraries
    • There are no new client APIs in this release.
    • There have been several client lib patches over the past month though – so be sure that you are using the latest!
  • Plus miscellaneous fixes and performance enhancements…