Cloud Code

brainCloud allows developers to write custom Cloud Code routines in JavaScript, that reside and run on the brainCloud servers, allowing execution of code more securely and efficiently than if it were run client-side.

Advantages of Cloud Code scripts include:

  • Better performance when calling multiple API calls in a row
  • Lower brainCloud costs (the first 3 API calls are free, and each one after is 1/2 a count)
  • More secure
  • Ability to change logic server-side without a client update
  • Ability to call out to external web services
  • Ability to perform certain operations that are not enabled in the client API

Cloud Code scripts can be called from:

  • client apps – via the Script Service APIs
  • developer-operated servers – via the Server-to-Server API
  • third-party services – via brainCloud’s WebHooks interface
  • triggered via other operations (API Hooks) – scripts can be configured to be triggered automatically as pre- or post- conditions for other API operations
  • scheduled – scripts scheduled to execute in the future

Cloud Code scripts are written using brainCloud’s web-based script editor, located in the Portal under Design | Cloud Code | Scripts.

For more information, check out: