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Release 1.8.1

We’re pleased to announce the availability of brainCloud 1.8.1!

New features in this release include:

API Features:

  • Global Entity Count – new api to request Global Entity Counts from the portal before fetching the data itself.
  • Misc fixes and improvements

Portal Features:

  • New Leaderboard Type – now you can define a leaderboard that always takes the last score posted. In the portal, use the “LAST_VALUE” type.
  • Global Entity Improvements – the portal provides options to filter and delete Global Entities displayed in the Global Monitoring section.
  • Misc Fixes

Release 1.8.0

We’re pleased to announce the availability of brainCloud 1.8 – and along with that announce that from here on out we’ll be updating brainCloud every two weeks!

New features in this release include:

API Features:

  • Misc fixes and improvements

Portal Features:

  • Online Support – we’ve integrated with to give you the best support experience possible. If you need assistance, just click on the green [?] in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen, and we’ll help!  Note – you can also e-mail support@
  • Product + Pricing revamp – we’ve totally re-designed our product and pricing management system to make it easier to use (and to pave the way for more powerful features coming soon!)
  • Forgot Password support – now if you forget your brainCloud password, you won’t need another administrator to reset it for you!
  • New leaderboard configuration screen – better, more intuitive layout!

Release 1.7.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of brainCloud 1.7.0!

This brainCloud update brings the following new features:

API Additions:

  • Singleton support added to Global Entities API
  • Expiry support added to Global Entities API

Portal Additions:

  • Analytics – basic analytics support with Dashboard!
  • Display of Async Turn-by-Turn matches in the Portal (Player Monitoring)
  • Custom file support – upload files to be available for client download
  • Added MatchMaking to API Tester
  • Improved Quest creation/management screens
  • New Pacer configuration

Release 1.6.0

We’re pleased to announce that we have released brainCloud version 1.6 to the world! Included in this version of brainCloud are many key features including:

  • Windows 8 Support
  • Windows Store In-app Purchase Support
  • Global Entities API
  • Shared Data API
  • OneWay Multiplayer Support
  • Matchmaking API
  • New API Explorer
  • Support for Real-time Facebook Payments and disputes
  • And much, much more!

brainCloud platform 1.6 is compatible with older versions of our client libraries, but we recommend that you all upgrade to the latest SDKs to take advantage of the new features!

Release 1.5.0

Hi folks

As you may have noticed, we’ve kicked our web portal development into high gear!  We’ve recently expanded our web team, and are moving mountains to get brainCloud ready for it’s upcoming beta and 2.0 release!

We apologize ahead-of-time if things get a bit confusing while we move the feature-set around to improve the brainCloud experience.

Be sure to notify your account rep if you find you are blocked or confused – and we’ll jump in right away to help!

Happy coding!

The brainCloud Team