Starts a ranked match with a player looking for a match. Otherwise, will indicate that the current player is looking for a ranked match.

Based on the brainCloud TicTacToe example.


Click RankGame_AutoJoinMatch.ccjs.zip to download the file.

Usage / Setup

To configure this script, simply import it into your app.

The script is expected to be called when a player is trying to auto join an async match.

You call the script in the app via the RunScript() API call.

The script takes the following parameters:

  • rankRangeDelta – Elo range delta we will accept. A player will 1200 Elo and a delta of 200, will accept matches of players between 1000-1400
  • pushNotificationMessage – Notification opposing player will see. Note: you must first set your app up with push notifications

Example script parameters

   "pushNotificationMessage":"You are now in a ranked match!"