Ends a rank match. Adjust the players’ rating and stats if not a tie. Updates player’s standings in a rating’s leaderboard.

Based on the brainCloud TicTacToe example.


Click RankGame_AutoJoinMatch.ccjs.zip to download the file.

Usage / Setup

To configure this script, simply import it into your app.

The script is expected to be called when a player is completing the match.

You call the script in the app via the RunScript() API call.

The script takes the following parameters:

  • ownerId – Owner id of the match played.
  • matchId – Id of the match played.
  • winnerId – Id of the winning player.
  • loserId – Id of the losing player.
  • winnerRating – Rating of the winning player.
  • loserRating – Rating of the losing player.
  • isTie – Whether the match state ended in a tie

Example parameters JSON

   "ownerId": "8f6b8fc3-cb19-4052-9bf6-ebf86a628536",
   "matchId": "a4b36631-a35c-4e2c-af8b-4c671c265b91",
   "winnerId": "8f6b8fc3-cb19-4052-9bf6-ebf86a628536",
   "loserId": "10627e1e-208f-4fb8-93a0-ca4ac014acef",
   "winnerRating": 1200,
   "loserRating": 1200,
   "isTie" : false