ScriptScheduler script


This script will schedule a script of an interval, and make sure it is not already scheduled. 

If the interval is less then 60 min, it will only make sure there is no duplicate within 1 hour.

If the interval is more then 60 min (i.e not < 60) it will make sure there is no duplicate within 24 hours.


Click ScriptScheduler.ccjs.zip to download the file


To configure this script, simply import it into your app.

Then call it at the beginning of the script that you want to recur. See the code example below:

DataCacheUpdate cloud code script

// First, schedule this script to run again! 
// - Important to do this first - before any errors can occur!
var scriptProxy = bridge.getScriptServiceProxy();
var schedulerRetVal = scriptProxy.runScript( 
    { "scriptName": "DataCacheUpdate",  "interval": 10, "args": {}}

// Now continue with this scripts activities!
// ...

In this example, the script will DataCacheUpdate run every 10 minutes, and even if the script is triggered manually it will not cause multiple scheduling of itself.