Important - All Android apps should turn on Amazon Platform Support!

In Release 4.5.5 we added support for Amazon In-app Purchases. As part of that feature, we also expanded brainCloud to include Amazon devices as a separate Platform – essentially so that devs implementing Amazon IAP would be able to get a better feel of the monetization of users on that platform.

Regrettably, we neglected to properly anticipate and publicize the side effect of that change – with is that brainCloud apps using the 4.5.5+ libs running on Amazon now need to have the new “Amazon” platform enabled.

So – if you are building Android apps, and you want them to run on Amazon devices (whether you are using IAP or not), please go now and turn on Amazon platform support before upgrading to our 4.5.5 libs.

(Note – to be precise, only the Unity 4.5.5 libs have Amazon platform detection right now. The rest of the libs are getting a 4.5.6 update soon with it though.)

Apologies for the confusion!