brainCloud Stack

What is brainCloud?

brainCloud is a ready-made back-end platform for the development of feature-rich mobile+social games and gamified apps. brainCloud provides the features you need – along with comprehensive tools to support your team during development, testing and user support.

brainCloud consists of:

  • Cloud Service – an advanced, Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  • Client Libraries – local client libraries (SDKs)
  • Design Portal – a portal that allows you to design and debug your apps


SDK libraries

There are custom brainCloud libraries for:

  • C# – for C# examples that work from Unity
  • C++ – for C++ examples, relevant for platform native and especially Cocos2d-x projects on iOS, Android, Windows, etc.
  • JS – for web-based JavaScript example code
  • AS – for Flash-based ActionScript API examples
  • Java – for Java-based versions of the API to be called from Cloud-code


Engine Support

brainCloud supports the most popular gaming engines, including:

  • Unity – brainCloud provides C# libraries, examples and tutorials for integration with Unity
  • Unreal – we have support for Unreal 3.0, with 4.0 coming very soon
  • Cocos2d-x – Cocos is supported natively using the C++ libraries


Understanding the APIs

brainCloud has a very broad feature-set – you can use as much or as little of it as you like.

This section gives some background on the how the brainCloud APIs work, in terms of concepts and structure. The details on API usage can be found in the API Modules section.

This introduction is organized into the following sections: