Migrating from GameSparks

Hey, folks,

As you may have seen in the trades, Amazon has recently announced the imminent deprecation of GameSparks to their current customers and partners.

We really like the tech and people at GameSparks and are sorry to see it go (really!). That said, we want to assure all GameSparks customers and partners that brainCloud can offer all developers (from hobbyists, startups, and big studios alike) an alternative to ensure efficient and full migration to prevent downtime for their players.

As most of you know, we launched brainCloud in 2014 and have been supporting all kinds of indies and big studios since then. We’ve also recently been working as a solution integrator in collaboration with Amazon Game Tech to assist GameSparks deprecation efforts and existing GameSparks customer migration.

brainCloud has a robust, comparable feature set that includes popular GameSparks features like Player and Game Management, Cloud Scripts, Leaderboards, Achievements, Messaging, Virtual Goods & Currencies, and Real-time features like Lobbies, Matchmaking, Notifications, and Chat.

That said, brainCloud also has advanced features not implemented in GameSparks like Custom Room & Relay Servers for real-time multiplayer, Tournaments, Blockchain Integration, Segments, Profanity Filters, Pricing and Promotion features, Playback Streams and connectivity to virtually any data collection or storage application through our Datastream service.

And of course, brainCloud supports all popular mobile and console platforms, including built-in Oculus support. We even have APIs to help migrate your users over to our back-end. And of particular interest to ex-GameSparks folks, we are happy to announce that Amazon GameLift integration will be added to brainCloud this fall!

All of this is available via a variety of licensing options that range from monthly BaaS subscriptions all the way up to private and platform licensing. All with world-class support and available professional services.

We encourage all existing GameSparks customers to check out brainCloud and let us know how we can help you migrate and grow your games on all platforms. We are here to help. Just sign up – brainCloud is free during development!

Happy Coding,

Paul from brainCloud.
( PS – For more information, check out our GameSparks Migration FAQ. )