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brainCloud 5 is live! (9/1/2023) - brainCloud 5 includes an entirely new Portal, integrated Forums, our new Bootcamp training videos, and more!
brainCloud 4.15 is live! (7/10/2023) - Portal-X, a few key features, and a bunch of under-the-hood changes. Plus be sure to grab the latest libs!
Enable new 2FA today! (4/3/2023) - All 2FA users MUST migrate to our new Google Authenticator compatible system by May 1st, 2023.
brainCloud 4.14 is live! (3/28/2023) - Release 4.14 includes a new Group Files API, Leaderboard APIs, Relay Server improvements, Unity Package Manager support - and soon - a preview for Portal-X !
Bulk+ Pre-paid plans are now available! (2/2/2023) - The new Bulk+ Pre-paid plans are now live!
RTT CCx calculation fixes (1/28/2023) - Hi folks, We wanted to notify you that we have discovered (d’oh!) and fixed (yay!) an error with the RTT Concurrent Connection (i.e. CCx) statistics that brainCloud was collecting for billing purposes. This error meant that we were undercharging for RTT utilization — and the fix means that the under-charging will stop – and thus, […]
Feb 2023 Pricing Updates (12/15/2022) - A reminder the Dormant User Account pricing goes into effect for Feb 2023 + hosting + deep data pricing changes + new plans.
Release 4.13.1 is live! (11/29/2022) - brainCloud 4.13.1 adds new Client API Blocking, and extends the max Leaderboard "Days" rotation from 14 -> 28 days.
Release 4.13 is here! (11/1/2022) - brainCloud 4.13 features password enforcement, improved support for Temporary Leaderboards, GameLift-based relay servers and more. Check it out!
Release 4.12 is live! (7/19/2022) - brainCloud 4.12 features Nintendo Switch authentication support - plus some key improvements to the Unity and Unreal libs.
Upcoming pricing changes… (7/18/2022) - As you are probably aware – brainCloud’s pricing model is designed to be elastic – in that the cost to you (our customer) is proportional to the costs we incur in running your app(s) on our service. This model is maintained via the formulas that we use to calculate API counts, deep data usage, hosting […]
Release 4.11 is live! (6/20/2022) - brainCloud 4.11 includes updates to Redemption Codes, a new Division management API, Unity Client improvements, new Unity Examples, and more!
Updated Public BaaS NAT gateways (6/13/2022) - Our DevOps team had to update brainCloud set of NAT gateways for brainCloud’s Public BaaS (i.e. portal.braincloudservers.com). This only affects developers who have whitelisted these IPs for security purposes. The updated list of outgoing IPs is: Apologies for the short notice and inconvenience.
Custom Entity GetEntityPage Improvement (4/26/2022) - We have improved Owned Custom Entities and added a new compatibility flag. You should go turn the flag off off now!
Reminder: Plus Plan restrictions (4/4/2022) - brainCloud will begin more strongly enforcing Plus Plan restrictions as of April 5th, 2022. If you are using RTT, hosting or deep data on a non-plus plan, switch now!
Release 4.10 is live! (3/22/2022) - brainCloud 4.10 adds new Security Options, an upgraded Cloud Code Engine, new Advanced Authentication calls, and more.
brainCloud Atlas migration – Feb 22-23, 2022 (2/11/2022) - Background On February 22nd and 23rd, we will be migrating brainCloud’s core database cluster from VM-hosted MongoDB instances to MongoDB’s Atlas service. This is a live migration – intended to accomplish the migration of all app and player data – with minimal service interruption. Player-visible Service Impacts Depending upon the features your app uses, the […]
brainCloud and log4shell (CVE-2021-44228) (12/14/2021) - brainCloud's Production Services are unaffected by the log4shell vulnerability - and have been patched to eliminate the potential for future exposure.
brainCloud 4.9.5 is live! (11/29/2021) - This last release of 2021 adds new Profanity Filter options and improvements to key services.
brainCloud 4.9 is live! (10/12/2021) - brainCloud 4.9 is a massive update with GameLift support, Join-in-progress, AppStore items, Unity compression, and more!
GameSparks to brainCloud migration notes (9/30/2021) - brainCloud is an excellent option for developers looking to migrate their app and players before GameSparks shuts down on September 30, 2022. GameSparks developers will find that the brainCloud feature set and technology platform align well with what they are already used to. Major advantages of migrating to brainCloud include: Cloud code – brainCloud’s cloud […]
Migrating from GameSparks (7/22/2021) - Migrating from GameSparks to brainCloud FTW!
Release 4.8 (6/28/2021) - brainCloud 4.8 adds support for Facebook Limited Login Friends, Account Migration, Editing Email Identities, and more!
Release 4.7.5 (5/4/2021) - brainCloud 4.7.5 adds new features for Automated Promotions, a new PurchaseRewards hook, new Event deletion APIs, and more!
Release 4.7 is live! (3/24/2021) - Release 4.7 contains Facebook Limited Login Mode, Apple HTTP/2 push notifications, Cloud Code Folders, and more!
Apple iOS 14.5 Privacy & Facebook Limited Login mode (3/11/2021) - Apple iOS 14.5 Privacy changes will force many apps to adapt Facebook's new Limited Login mode, which will be officially supported in brainCloud 4.7
Release 4.6 is live! (11/16/2020) - brainCloud 4.6 includes SAML end-user authentication, improved RTT Connection handling, new API Usage stats, and more.
Release 4.5.6 is live! (9/16/2020) - This is a very focused release - with new Relay Servers and optimized Lobby Matchmaking!
Important – All Android apps should turn on Amazon Platform Support! (8/16/2020) - If building Android apps, be sure to enable the Amazon platform before upgrading to the 4.5.5+ client libs!
Release 4.5.5 is live! (7/14/2020) - A surprise release with Amazon IAP, new Global Files UI, Slack Alerts, new Management APIs and soon Dormant User Deletion!
Release 4.5 (4/25/2020) - Shared Scripts, new Global Files V3 API, Custom Entities / Deep Data pricing and more!
Release 4.4 (2/18/2020) - Our first update of 2020 brings Custom Entities, JavaScript ES6, Sign in with Apple, a faster API Reference, and more!
Release 4.3.5 (12/10/2019) - New APIs for managing Quests and Milestones. Plus changes to the Custom Entity Paging calls.
Release 4.3 (11/12/2019) - Geo matchmaking, Custom Entity deployments, Set-top Handoff API, new User Service, and much, much more!
Release 4.2 (9/18/2019) - Release 4.2 includes Item Management, Custom Entities (beta), Blockchain, Timed Status Effects, Kafka integration, and more!
Release 4.1 (6/25/2019) - New Group Leaderboards, Voting Leaderboards, Multi-Region Support for Hosted Servers, and Dynamic Chat Channels.
Warning: Unity 2019.X (iOS) issues (6/17/2019) - We are currently tracking some oddities in the reliability of the brainCloud libraries running in Unity 2019.X on iOS devices.
Forums are live! (5/24/2019) - By popular demand, we are pleased to announce that our new forums are live! Click "Visit brainCloud Forums" on the Start page to go now!
Release 4.0 is live! (5/23/2019) - brainCloud 4.0 is coming! Official RTT, Hosting, Relay Servers, new billing plans and more!
V4 is coming! (5/22/2019) - brainCloud V4 is on it's way. Here's the plan!
brainCloud 4 Billing Plans (5/17/2019) - Changes to billing plans and pricing for brainCloud 4.0
Release 3.11 (2/12/2019) - This release adds support for SendGrid dynamic templates and attachments, better universal id searching, and improved cloud code debugging.
Release 3.10 (12/5/2018) - Release 3.10 contains a number of customer requests, including a Profanity Filter for the Chat service, workflow enhancements to Email Validation, a new Handoff API, better visibility for brainCloud S2S Server Logs, and more! We hope you like it!
Release 3.9.0 (10/3/2018) - brainCloud 3.9 includes a new Presence feature, support for Tournament Divisions, revamped AppStore and VirtualCurrency APIs, Facebook Graph API v 2.8 and more! Check it out!
Release 3.8.0 – RTT is here! (7/11/2018) - brainCloud 3.8 marks the release of our new Real-Time Tech, which we ingeniously call brainCloud RTT! With it comes real-time events, real-time messaging, online chat, lobbies, online matchmaking and custom room servers!
Release 3.7.0 (3/8/2018) - Support for Inherited Friends, more flexible Matchmaking, changing a user's email identity, and more!
Release 3.6.6 (1/29/2018) - A minor patch release that improves the performance of certain leaderboard and tournament operations.
Wrappers, Clients and Inconvenient Singletons… (12/12/2017) - With release 3.6.5, brainCloud is breaking away from the singletons that were previously a key aspect of our client libraries. We thought we'd take a moment to discuss the pros and cons of the design, and explain where and why we are going a different route.
Release 3.6.5 (12/12/2017) - Release 3.6.5 brings fresher matchmaking, the ability to run scripts across all users, and a refactored, more flexible client library. Just in time for the holidays!
Release 3.6.0 (10/7/2017) - New Unity Plug-in, along with requested improvements to Global Entity Import/Export and User Exporting.