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Migrating from GameSparks (7/22/2021) - Migrating from GameSparks to brainCloud FTW!
Apple iOS 14.5 Privacy & Facebook Limited Login mode (3/11/2021) - Apple iOS 14.5 Privacy changes will force many apps to adapt Facebook's new Limited Login mode, which will be officially supported in brainCloud 4.7
Warning: Unity 2019.X (iOS) issues (6/17/2019) - We are currently tracking some oddities in the reliability of the brainCloud libraries running in Unity 2019.X on iOS devices.
Forums are live! (5/24/2019) - By popular demand, we are pleased to announce that our new forums are live! Click "Visit brainCloud Forums" on the Start page to go now!
V4 is coming! (5/22/2019) - brainCloud V4 is on it's way. Here's the plan!
brainCloud 4 Billing Plans (5/17/2019) - Changes to billing plans and pricing for brainCloud 4.0
Wrappers, Clients and Inconvenient Singletons… (12/12/2017) - With release 3.6.5, brainCloud is breaking away from the singletons that were previously a key aspect of our client libraries. We thought we'd take a moment to discuss the pros and cons of the design, and explain where and why we are going a different route.
Introducing Global Tournaments (1/29/2017) - brainCloud's new Global Tournaments feature is an entirely new system designed to amplify player engagement in your games.
Parse and who can you trust? (1/30/2016) - Parse and who can you trust? On Thursday, Facebook dropped a bomb. They announced that they were shutting down Parse, the Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) platform that they acquired in 2013. Parse is one of brainCloud’s competitors, and arguably the biggest and most established player in the BaaS industry. Even so, brainCloud doesn’t run up against them that much […]
Launch Tip #1: Version Enforcement (11/10/2015) - Launch Tip #1: Version Enforcement This post is the first of our new series on best practices to observe before launching your app. It’s an exciting feeling… Features are complete. Beta feedback incorporated. Final bits of polish applied. You are ready to launch. Or are you? Are you sure that you have… Tested for every usage scenario? Every race condition? On each of […]
brainCloud at GDC! (2/19/2015) - brainCloud at GDC! It’s our favorite time of the year. No, not because of the refreshing -40 degree temperatures of Canada’s Capital – though that’s swell – but rather because we can escape the cold for a week of fun in San Francisco! So, if you’re going to be at the Game Developers Conference in […]
5 Steps to Ignite your Free-to-Play Revenue (without Advertising) (1/20/2015) - 5 Steps to Ignite your Free-to-Play Revenue (without Advertising) Only one in ten mobile games succeed. The business reality is that since 2011, Free-to-Play (F2P) games have been making more money than their Premium counterparts. Although still essential – today’s games must be more than just fun – they must effectively employ F2P monetization to succeed. An effective […]
brainCloud BaaS is for Apps too (1/16/2015) - brainCloud BaaS is for Apps too It seems like every other day that we’re asked – “Is brainCloud only for games? Can I use it for other types of apps?” Make no mistake about it – the brainCloud BaaS is primarily designed for games. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for apps […]
BaaS for Single-Player Games (1/9/2015) - BaaS for Single-Player Games An interesting question was put to me today: “Would it make sense to cloud-enable an existing, successful, single-player mobile game?” My gut reaction was “probably not“.  We know that the sweet spot for our Backend-as-a-Service is with social and multiplayer games, where a back-end is pretty much required. For those customers, pitching brainCloud […]
brainCloud Pricing Update! (12/1/2014) - brainCloud Pricing Update! As you know, we are continually measuring, tweaking and improving the performance of brainCloud. The good news is that the latest round of platform optimizations had a greater impact than expected – meaning we can handle even more users on our servers at lower cost. The even better news is this means, […]
bitHeads announces brainCloud (11/12/2014) - bitHeads announces brainCloud, a new revolutionary cloud solution for game developers Leading games technology company today announced the industry-wide availability of brainCloud, a streamlined backend solution for comprehensive, cloud-based game management. Ottawa, Ontario, and Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS), Nov 12, 2014 — Previously only available to select game developers, bitHeads has officially launched brainCloud […]
Unity Tutorial #1 – Getting Started (11/8/2014) - We at brainCloud are pleased to present the first (of many) brainCloud tutorial videos. Because so many of you are using Unity, our first videos will focus on getting brainCloud up-and-running in your Unity projects. (Don’t worry Cocos2d-x and Unreal folks – we’ll cover you in future tutorials as well!) Note – we plan to […]
brainCloud: A Backend For Games (10/8/2014) - Gameplay is not enough Game companies can no longer focus solely on designing fun – today’s studios are adapting the free-to-play business model and with it the increased focus on accessibility, monetization, conversion rates, social acquisition, and constant evolution. With the new models and platforms of today, large developers are increasingly building and integrating cloud […]