New! Google Play Receipt Validation

We’re pleased to announce the availability of brainCloud 1.8.3!

New features in this release include:

API Features:

  • Google Play Store IAP Receipt Validation – clients can now validate IAP receipts from the Google Play Store.
  • Misc fixes and improvements

Portal Features:

  • One Way Match Multiplayer Monitoring – new page to view the multiplayer match state and logs. Super useful for debugging!
  • Global Monitoring – added a number of handy ways to sort/filter logs.
  • Import/Export – now includes all cloud scripts and S3 files for the game.
  • Cloud Scripts – can now define test parameters per script
  • Player Monitoring Log – got a facelift!
  • Game Config – added a max concurrent sessions parameter to control how many concurrent sessions a user can have running
  • Notifications – now able to define templates and send to users
  • Segments – added additional criteria
  • Misc fixes and improvements