Scheduled Cloud Code, Paged Global Entities and Lower-is-better Leaderboards!

Release 2.12.0

Release 2.12.0 has gone public! There are some tasty goodies in this one – please read below for the highlights!

Release Highlights

Highlights of this release include:

  • Scheduled Cloud Code – you can now schedule cloud code scripts to run at a specific time. This tool is very powerful and gives you the ability to defer task execution as benefits your game/app.  See this page for more information on how to use this great new feature.
  • Paged Global Entity Fetches – it is now possible to retrieve more than 100 Global Entities. We’ve created a new paging system that allows you to navigate a larger set of Global Entities. The paging APIs use a sophisticated query syntax which gives you search and ordering flexibility. The query syntax is described here and the API itself can be found here.
  • Support for “Lower Is Better” Leaderboards – You can now create Leaderboards where the best score kept will be the lowest score the user has posted.
  • S3 File Listing – we’ve created a new API that makes it even easier to fetch the list of files uploaded to S3.

Portal Changes

  • Global Monitoring | Job Queue – this is where you’ll find details about scheduled cloud script jobs. We also keep a history of jobs that have run in the past which is useful when diagnosing issues with your scripts.
  • Design | Quests – now include Unlock Criteria, and Rewards which can use any combination of user level/XP, player statistics or global statistics. Rewards can also pay out currency and/or achievements.
  • Misc Fixes

API Changes / Additions

New APIs

  • Schedule Cloud Code – To schedule cloud code you can use one of these APIs.
    • BrainCloudScript.ScheduleRunScriptUTC() for an absolute date.
    • BrainCloudScript.ScheduleRunScriptMinutes() for scheduling x minutes from now.
  • Global Entity Paged Fetches – To fetch global entities by Page
    • BrainCloudGlobalEntity.GetPage() – Call this for the first fetch, specifying the fetch query
    • BrainCloudGlobalEntity.GetPageOffset() – Call this for subsequent fetches passing in the returned context variable
  • BrainCloudFriend.FindPlayerByName() – This API allows you to search for a player by their player name (settable using “BrainCloudPlayerState.UpdatePlayerName)
  • Attach/Detach Google Identity – To allow you to attach and detach Google identities.
    • BrainCloudIdentity.AttachGoogleIdentity()
    • BrainCloudIdentity.MergeGoogleIdentity()
    • BrainCloudIdentity.DetachGoogleIdentity()
  • BrainCloudS3Handling.GetFileList() – To retrieve the full list of S3 files stored on brainCloud

Modified APIs

  • BrainCloudSocialLeaderboard – Calls to TriggerSocialLeaderboardTournamentReward now require the use of a leaderboardId to identify the leaderboard.

Misc. Changes / Fixes

Addressed in this release:

  • Unity library IsAuthenticated – Session time outs will now cause this flag to be set to false.
  • Post score to dynamic leaderboard – APIs now take in the hour/minute to allow setting the rotation time.