Improve all the things!


Release Highlights

Highlights of this release include:

  • New-and-Improved Objective-C Client – we’ve rebuilt our Objective-C client to support all our latest APIs.
  • Twitter Authentication Support – your users can now use Twitter to log into your app. How social!
  • API Calls from Cloud Code are now free!* As per our original intent, API calls from cloud code scripts are now free*. This incentivises you to write simple scripts to aggregate multiple calls – reducing round-trips to our servers, which reduces our costs – and in turn reduces yours!

* Minor adjustments to the Cloud Code billing strategy were introduced in 2.17 to accommodate long-running Cloud Code scripts.

Portal Changes

Changes to the portal:

  • Developers can now set their brainCloud App Secret directly (see Design | Core App Info | Application IDs)
  • Developers can now view and edit the Indexed ID property of their Global Entities in the portal (see Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Global Entities).  This field is useful for creating quick lookup keys for your entities.
  • The Recently Added Users page has been optimized (see Monitoring | User Monitoring)
  • API calls from within Cloud Code scripts are now displayed separately on the Reporting | API Usage page of the portal


API Changes / Additions

Changes and additions to the APIs:

  • New Twitter Identity APIs – AuthenticateTwitter(), AttachTwitterIdentity(), DetachTwitterIdentity() and MergeTwitterIdentity().


Misc. Changes / Fixes

Additional improvements in this release:

  • Updated Javascript Client – added missing Identity APIs, misc fixes, etc.
  • Performance optimizations:
    • Improved Multiplayer Matchmaking performance
    • Improved Leaderboard performance
  • Documentation Improvements:
    • Java/Javascript Gamification methods
    • Improved Multiplayer documentation
    • Improved Push Notification documentation
    • Improved Facebook IAP documentation
  • Misc. fixes and optimizations
    • Fixes to push notifications subsystems to improve reliability
    • Fixes to deletion of users – some credentials (e-mail + universal) were not always being deleted
    • Improvements / fixes to leaderboard processing at high player counts