Promotion Improvements + Cocos 2d-x Facebook Authentication

We’re pleased to announce the full public availability of brainCloud 2.2.0!

New features in this release include:

API & Client Features:

  • Promotions can now replace products in the active store. This allows swapping in new products during a promotion that pay out extra currency etc
  • C++ library now includes easier Facebook authentication using the BrainCloudWrapper class
  • Cocos 2d-x example upgraded to Cocos 2d-x 3.3 which includes Facebook support from C++
  • Cocos 2d-x example allows user to choose between three types of authentication now: Universal, Anonymous, and Facebook
  • Misc fixes and improvements

Portal/Server Features:

  • Segments – Now you can target only test users to be included in a segment. This allows for segments to be more easily tested before they’re launched
  • Misc fixes and improvements

We’ve continued to improve the documentation in our Apidocs portal. As usual, you can check it out by visiting: