Revamped Unity Client!

In celebration of this week’s Ottawa International Games Conference (OIGC), it’s brainCloud Release 2.9!

Nothing too earth-shattering in this release – some minor fixes and changes while we ramp up the development of some larger customer-requested features – coming soon!


Release Highlights

  • IAP Product Enhancements
    • Categories – Products can now be assigned to categories (i.e. “Gold bundles”, “Elixer bundles”, etc.), which is handy for retrieving lists of similar items for display in store screens.
    • Product Types – brainCloud now allows you to specify whether an IAP product is consumable, non-consumable or subscription (with sub-types for Apple’s free, non-renewing and auto-renewable subscriptions). This additional information allows us to handle the various product types appropriately, in particular fixing our handling of auto-renewable subscriptions.
    • Extra Data – developers are now able to append extra information (key + value pairs) to products
  • Unity Client
    • We have significantly overhauled our Unity Client – improving its communications infrastructure, and adopting a new Json processing library (JsonFx).Warning: as part of the Unity Client Refactoring, we have changed the Error callback/delegate signature so that you no longer have to parse the response Json. This change greatly simplifies your error processing, but is not backwards compatible. The older 2.8 libraries still function just fine though.


Portal Changes

  • Design | Marketplace | Products – added support for categories, product type / sub-type, and extra data
  • Officially Supported Browsers – the brainCloud portal is designed to work with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  Users of other browsers (<cough>IE<cough>) will be warned that they may experience issues.  [There are known refresh issues with IE.]
  • API Explorer – the services and operations are now displayed in alphabetical order (FINALLY!) 🙂


API Changes / Additions

  • GetSalesInventoryByCategory() method added to Products service – used to retrieve all IAP products of a certain type.


Misc. Changes / Fixes

  • Admin | Company Info page –  we now display the user id for the billing account for easy reference
  • JavaScript client – Async match parameters updated to match other clients, and fixed handling of optional parameters
  • Java client – missing product methods have been added to the Java client
  • Leaderboard configuration – the portal now warns you that changing the tournament refresh settings (start date, frequency, etc) requires that all leaderboard entries be deleted.
  • Miscellaneous documentation updates