Release 3.6.6

This release is a minor update with some key optimizations and defect fixes.

Feature Highlights

Faster Leaderboards and Tournaments

We’ve spent considerable time profiling and optimizing key tournament and leaderboard APIs – we think you’ll like the results:

  • GetGlobalLeaderboardView() is now up to 25X faster! This is especially apparent for leaderboards of 50K or more users where the player doing the retrieval is near the end of the leaderboard
  • PostTournamentScoreWithResults() is also up to 50X faster! We had recently pulled that call out-of-service due to performance issues – we hope to reinstate it in a few days after we’ve got more real-world data

Miscellaneous Fixes

The following defects have been addressed in 3.6.6:

  • BCLD-2782 – Portal: Trying to “View Team” from Super > Users switches to random team instead of the selected team
  • BCLD-2777 – Portal: When adding to the Job Queue, the “Save” button becomes available without selecting a script
  • BCLD-2793 – Portal: Super – System Properties’ Categories drop-down does not function properly once a category is selected
  • BCLD-2847 – Portal: Part of WebHook URL changes to “null” after saving and re-opening it
  • BCLD-2821 – Portal: User Monitoring | Statistics – always shows “0 records”
  • BCLD-2802 – Portal: dropdown/context menu on Design | Custom Config | Files appears partly off the right side of screen
  • BCLD-2861 – Portal: Core App Info | Admin Tools – Deployment: Checkbox of second option gets checked while clicking on the text of the third option.
  • BCLD-2786 – Portal: Mouse-over texgt is either missing or incorrect (multiple locations)
  • BCLD-2856 – API: In some cases, non-shareable files can be downloaded without a session
  • BCLD-2826 – API: Leaderboard: GetGlobalLeaderboardView ranges now working properly with duplicate scores
  • BCLD-2830 – API: PostTournamentScoreWithResults reports the wrong error if a player is not registered
  • BCLD-2813 – Portal: Super user cannot perform “Sys Enable” action to enable an app that has been previously disabled
  • BCLD-2824 – Portal: Design | Integrations – the first three fields for SendGrid integration should have * next to titles to indicate required
  • BCLD-2825 – API: PostScoreToLeaderboard fails on any leaderboard that ever had a tournament attached

Portal Changes

There are no changes to the portal in this release.

API Changes

The following changes/additions have affected the brainCloud API:

  • Tournament
    • PostTournamentScoreWithResults() – we have removed the previousLeaderboard section of the returned JSON. It was debugging information that mistakenly got left in the response during initial development.
  • Client Library
    • We have added a new IGNORE_SSL_CHECK compiler directive to the C# library. Useful for when connecting an app to a developer-deployed brainCloud instance.

Miscellaneous Changes / Fixes

  • Updated libraries
    • All libraries have been updated with the refactoring and latest API enhancements. We recommend that all apps upgrade!
  • Important Fixes
    • See the list in the Feature section
  • Plus miscellaneous fixes and performance enhancements…