Release 4.13.1 is live!

This is a small, targeted release with a few key improvements. This is also our last planned release before the December holiday season.

Note that this is a server-only release. There are no changes to the client libraries.

Release Highlights

Client API Blocking

We have added a new feature that makes it easier to secure your app from mischievous players.

Devs have always been able to add an API Pre-hook to block specific calls from the client – but this is painful to set up – and results in additional API counts for the app.

Configuring the new API Blocking feature is as simple as going to the new Design | Cloud API | API Blocking page, and selecting the Services + API Calls to block. Hit SAVE and you are done! (Or more likely, you are once you deploy those changes to your production app.)

We hope this new feature helps our customers to keep ahead of their most competitive (and ill-mannered) players.

Note that this feature requires a Plus plan to activate.

Note also that certain calls, like the Award(), Consume() and Reset() currency calls, may already be blocked from the client depending based on the compatibility settings on the Design | Core App Info | Advanced Settings page.

Leaderboard “Days” rotation increase

This is a small change – but apps using the arbitrary “Days” rotation for their leaderboards can now set the rotation as high as 28 days…. ← the previous limit was 14 days.

Portal Changes

We’ve made the following portal changes:


  • Cloud Code | API Blocking
    • A new screen that allows devs to block specified APIs from being callable from the client.

  • Leaderboards | 
    • Leaderboards can now be configured with a 28 day rotation.

API Changes

There are no changes to individual API calls, but the new API Blocking feature means that any client API call can now return the following error:

  "status_message": "Processing exception (message): Call blocked from client.",
  "reason_code": 40346,
  "status": 403

Miscellaneous Changes / Fixes

  • Additional Fixes
    • BCLOUD-3305 and BCLOUD-3331 – Improvements to resetting of end-user passwords. Now preventing double-clicks, and waiting until code has been successfully changed to remove the link code.
    • BCLOUD-3109 – Improvements to json response exception reporting from scripts
    • BCLOUD-3295 – Corrected permissions check on app passwords feature
    • BCLOUD-1518 – Fix to lobby screen – disband on start no longer automatically selected
    • BCLOUD-3362 – Fix to serialization issue for cloud code version of LobbyService.GetLobbyInstances()
  • Plus miscellaneous fixes and performance enhancements…