Acey Deucey Example Game

Acey Deucey, the brainCloud JavaScript example game, helps you get acquainted with using the brainCloud JavaScript client library. The card game is fairly simple – players bet on whether the next card flipped will be between two faceup cards. The game result is calculated as follows:

  • Win – if your card is between the two faceup cards
  • Lose – if your card is outside the range of the two faceup cards
  • Lose twice your bet – if your card is the same as either of the two faceup cards (hitting the post)

Further information about the card game can be found on wikipedia.

The example game shows off the following brainCloud features:

  • Email authentication – the user must authenticate using the BrainCloudAuthentication AuthenticateEmailPassword API.
  • Email verification – the user is sent an email to verify that they own the account (although this does not prevent you from playing the game)
  • Player Name – the user’s name is stored using the BrainCloudPlayerState UpdatePlayerName API.
  • Player Statistics – the user’s wins/losses are tracked using the BrainCloudPlayerStatistics APIs.
  • Player Currency – the user’s balance is tracked using the BrainCloudProduct currency APIs.
  • Global Leaderboards – a list of the top Acey Deucey players using the BrainCloudLeaderboard APIs.

All of the code that interacts with the brainCloud js library is located in cardGame.js.

Play the example Acey Deucey game

Download the source code

Check out Acey Deucey in action!  Click to Play.

Acey Deucey