brainCloud Bombers Example Game

The latest version of the Bombers project can always be found here on GitHub

brainCloud Bombers is a fun little game, written in Unity, that demonstrates how brainCloud can work together with external multiplayer tech (such as Unity UNET or Exit Games’ Photon) to produce real-time multiplayer game experiences.

[Remember – brainCloud includes everything you need for turn-based (i.e. Trivia Crack) and offline (i.e. Clash of Clans) multiplayer, but does not provide real-time (i.e. Team Fortress 2) or near real-time (i.e. Hearthstone) multiplayer support – for that, a solution like UNET or Photon is ideal.]


Bombers is a fun multiplayer game with the following features:

  • Game objective: Destroy the other team’s fleet to win
  • Two stage gameplay: Dogfight to collect bombs, then drop the bombs to destroy enemy ships
  • Controls: Keyboard + mouse
  • Players: Max 8 players per match
  • Leaderboards: Global leaderboards
  • Achievements: 3 achievements to earn
  • Cloud saves: Player progression is saved as they level up

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Full Source Available

The full source of brainCloud bombers has been made available for our developers. Feel free to use and extend it – but please replace all art for commercial efforts and be sure to use brainCloud! Good luck!

  • Read about how brainCloud bombers was written
  • View the source (Github)
  • Build it yourself!
  • Download it from the Unity Asset Store!