Building Bombers

Note – these instructions assume that you’ve already made yourself familiar with the game via the Intro and Overview postings.

To build the Photon version of brainCloud bombers:

  • Step 1: Retrieve the source code
  • Step 2: Register with brainCloud (if you haven’t already)
  • Step 3: Create the brainCloud Bombers app
  • Step 4: Update the brainCloud appId and secret in the source code
  • Step 5: Import the brainCloud Bombers meta-data
  • Step 6: Register with Photon
  • Step 7: Update the Photon appid and secret
  • Step 8: Build!

To build the UNET version of Bombers, just use UNET Step 6 and UNET Step 7.

Step 1: Retrieve the source code

The brainCloud Bombers source is stored on GitHub.  You can find it in the “Bombers” directory here.

Step 2: Register with brainCloud

Registering with brainCloud is easy and free.  Go to getBrainCloud.com and click [Sign Up] in the top-right-hand corner.

Step 3: Create the brainCloud Bombers App

To create the app:

  • Go to the Administration section of the Portal by clicking on the “Gear” icon in the top-right
  • Click on the [+] button in the “Your Apps” section of the Home page
  • Fill out the New App dialog – be sure to enable game features and choose the platforms to run upon.
New App Dialog
New App Dialog
  • Go to the app by clicking on its name in the Your Apps list, or by choosing the Design tab, and then selecting it from the drop-down
  • You’ll see the brainCloud App ID and App Secret on the Core App Info | Application IDs page….  we’ll use those in our next step.

Step 4: Update the brainCloud appId and secret in the source code

  • Load the bomber project, “PhotonDemo”, into Unity
  • Choose brainCloud | Settings from the Unity menu bar
  • Enter the brainCloud app id into the Game Id field
  • Enter the brainCloud secret into the Game Secret field
  • Also, hit [Reset to Default Server URL] to ensure that the client is set to connect to the proper endpoint

Step 5: Import the Bomber meta-data

  • Back in the brainCloud portal, go to Design | Admin Tools for the your app
  • Click the [Import] button in the Configuration Data section
    • Choose [Select Configuration File (bcconfig)], and navigate to the Bombers/ImportData/Bombers_<some_date>.bcconfig file included with the bomber source
    • You can leave the two “Do not overwrite” options blank – they’re not used in this example
    • Click [Upload] to import the data
    • You’ll immediately note that the brainCloud Bombers icon is now associated with your project.  You’ll also see user statistics, achievements, and XP levels filled in throughout the application.

Step 6: Register with Photon

  • Go to https://www.exitgames.com/en/PUN to set up a free Photon account
  • Once you’ve registered, click [Dashboard] to view the free app that Photon has automatically configured for you
  • You’ll notice the Photon App ID – we’ll be using that in the next step

UNET Step 6: Register with UNET

  • Go to https://www.unet.cloud.unity3d.com to set up a free Unity Cloud account
  • Once you’ve registered, click [Multiplayer] at the top left and click the [Create Project] button at the top right
  • Type in a name, a maximum number of players per room, and accept
  • Copy the UPID field from this page

Step 7: Update the Photon app id

  • Back in Unity, Choose Window | Photon Unity Networking | Local Settings Asset from the drop-down menu
  • In the Inspector windows that shows, enter the Photon AppID

UNET Step 7: Update the Cloud Project ID

  • Back in Unity, Choose Edit | Project Settings | Player from the drop-down menu
  • In the Inspector windows that shows, enter the you UPID into the Cloud Project Id field

Step 8: Play the game!

  • From the Project window, choose the Assets folder on the left, and then choose the Scenes subfolder
  • Select the Connect Scene in the Assets folder of the project, and then click Play! Have fun!