Tappy Chicken Example Game

For this example, we’ve taken Epic’s Tappy Chicken example project and integrated brainCloud in place of the existing platform specific online features (Google Play / Game Center). This demonstrates how brainCloud can be easily integrated into existing projects, and acts as a detailed example of how the brainCloud Blueprint system works.


Description from Epic: Tappy to flappy! Avoid the posts to collect your eggs. Epic’s app for the flap showcases the ease of use and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4. Built by a single artist with no traditional programming skills, Tappy Chicken is a lightweight app with support for Game Center leaderboards, achievements, and the iAd Network.

brainCloud Features

These features have been used to create this example project:

  • Email Authentication – Allows players to log in on any device and retrieve their progress
  • Achievements – All the existing Game Center / Google Play achievements configured in brainCloud for full cross-platform support
  • Leaderboards – Cross platform high score leaderboard
  • User Entities – Saves the player’s egg collection progress to the cloud

Full Source Available

The full source of brainCloud Tappy Chicken has been made available for our developers. Get the project here!


For more information on how to use brainCloud in Unreal Engine 4 check out our Getting Started tutorials: