We at brainCloud are pleased to present the first (of many) brainCloud tutorial videos.

Because so many of you are using Unity, our first videos will focus on getting brainCloud up-and-running in your Unity projects. (Don’t worry Cocos2d-x and Unreal folks – we’ll cover you in future tutorials as well!)

Note – we plan to add new videos regularly over the next few months to cover off all the key features of brainCloud – so subscribe to updates to be notified when new videos become available.


Unity Tutorial #1 – Getting Started in Unity

In this tutorial, Preston Jennings, the lead Development Manager for brainCloud, walks the developer through the process of adding brainCloud support to an example Unity game.  You can download the tutorial files here.

Note – this tutorial assumes that you’ve already signed up for brainCloud – if you haven’t yet, go  to getbraincloud.com and register now (it’s free!) – plus if you register now (before end of 2014) you get early adopter pricing until 2016!

Topics in this tutorial:

  • Overview of the brainCloud Unity Example project
  • Creating new apps in the brainCloud Design Portal
  • Authenticating with brainCloud
  • Defining and interacting with brainCloud Player Statistics

We hope you like it – feedback welcome – and happy coding!

In this tutorial, brainCloud Development Manager Preston Jennings describes how to quickly get your Unity project working with brainCloud.

Topics covered include:

  • The “brainCloud Example” Unity Project
  • The brainCloud Design Portal
  • Connecting to the brainCloud Platform (Authentication)
  • Using and defining brainCloud Player Statistics

You can download the SpaceShooter example from here

The brainCloud Unity stand-alone library can be found here

Stay tuned for more tutorial videos!