brainCloud BaaS is for Apps too

It seems like every other day that we’re asked – “Is brainCloud only for games? Can I use it for other types of apps?”

Make no mistake about it – the brainCloud BaaS is primarily designed for games.

But this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for apps (including IoT) as well. In fact, allowing for any type of application is key to our overall business philosophy – use as much or as little of the API as you’d like, and only pay for what you use.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that brainCloud is the best BaaS / MBaaS solution available for the development of Freemium and/or Gamification enabled apps.

Key BaaS for Apps Technical Features

The key app-related features include:

  • Comprehensive Cloud data – user / global scoping, stats / entities / storage
  • Flexible Identity Management – identify users via E-mail, Facebook, Google Id, etc.
  • Custom Cloud Code – need brainCloud to do something special server-side – code it! (using JavaScript)
  • Cross-platform Push Notifications – reach out to your user base in real time across device platforms
  • Server-side Receipt Validation – increase revenues by eliminating in-app purchase piracy using server-side receipt validation
  • Rich Gamification – player XP, achievements, leaderboards and more are available for when [if] you decide to add Gamification
  • Easy integration – local libraries available across all device platforms (iOS, Android, WinPhone, BB10, Web, PC/Mac, etc.)
  • Great designer / debugger web tools – the brainCloud design tools make it easy to set up your game, and the monitoring tools make it easy to view, debug, and even edit the data of your app as you develop


Key BaaS for Apps Business Features

The key business / product management features include:

  • Centralized pricing controls – control the pricing of in-app purchases centrally
  • Scheduled promotions – set up promotional pricing in advance, together with language-specific cross-platform push notifications for when sales / events start
  • Auto promotions – plus, design custom auto promotions to be automatically triggered when users enter a defined user segment.  For example, a day after a user utilizes a new feature, hit them with a promotion to activate the “premium” version of it
  • Cross-platform Analytics – brainCloud include built-in “just-in-time” analytics that reports on the usage and monetization of your app, across platforms
  • Support Tools – the Monitoring tool makes it easy to provide field support for your user base
  • Affordable Elastic Pricing model – brainCloud “No-Brainer” pricing is based on API usage – only pay for as much of brainCloud that you’re utilizing. Pricing starts at just $25 / month, and is completely free during development.


The Backend-as-a-Service business case

And of course, the brainCloud business case works for the BaaS for Apps model as well.

  • Save development time and budget – zero developer and service costs during development!
  • Save hosting / operational costs – brainCloud is much cheaper than hosting yourself, plus you don’t need dedicated IT support personnel!
  • Increase revenues – brainCloud’s freemium and promotional features will increase the monetization of your app

So, the next time someone asks “Is brainCloud designed for games, or other types of apps?” – the answer is “Yes.

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