V4 is coming!


The release of brainCloud 4 is right around the corner! It is a big one, so we are going to release it in pieces. Here is da plan:

Part 1 – Platform & Billing Plan Updates

The server platform will be updated first. We are targeting the week of May 20th! (this week!)

New & Updated features include:

  • Official RTT release
  • Room Server Hosting
  • Relay Servers
  • RTT-enhanced Async Matches
  • And more!

In addition, our new updated Billing Plans will go live with this update as well. More info here!

Part 2 – Client Updates, New Examples and Sites

The following component updates will roll-out over the 7-10 days that follow:

  • Updated client libraries – our new libs are 99% backwards compatible – but we have made some changes to improve things for the future. Don’t worry – the older clients still work of course! 
  • Bombers RTT – pure brainCloud end-to-end! Utilizes new Relay Servers! 
  • Tic Tac Toe RTT – our Tic Tac Toe example updated to use the new RTT-extensions to our Async-match APIs!
  • Updated docs – updated for the latest APIs and examples
  • Forums – By popular demand, brainCloud is introducing developer forums!
  • Roadmap – Another popular request – our new Roadmap site will allow you to see what we’re working on, give feedback, and even make suggestions!

Stay tuned. We will be posting the full Release Notes for V4 soon!