Profiles and Identity

A cloud-service such as brainCloud is only as flexible as it’s identity system – and brainCloud is very flexible indeed.  brainCloud separates the concepts of a User’s Profile from their Identity.
BrainCloud Identity Support
User Profile (also known as Player Profile)
  • Contains all the information about the user and their state/progress in the app or game
  • Includes statistics, entities, attributes, virtual currency balances, the state of milestones, quests, achievements, etc.
  • Is local to an App/Game – not shared across games in brainCloud*
* See details on our Shared Accounts service for ways to share a single user identity across multiple apps.
User Identity
  • Is used to identify a user in the system, and look up their Profile
  • May be unauthenticated (anonymous) or authenticated (GameCenter id, Facebook id, E-mail, etc.)
  • A player will often have multiple identities associated with their User Profile – just as in real life, your data may be associated with your drivers license, health number, phone number, etc.
brainCloud currently supports the following identity types:
  • Anonymous
  • E-mail – e-mail address + password
  • Facebook id – facebook identity
  • Twitter id – twitter identity
  • Google Play – Google identity
  • GameCenter id – iOS GameCenter identity
  • Steam id – steam identity
  • Universal – userid + password <- convenient during development

In addition to the above, brainCloud now supports two advanced forms of authentication:

For more information, refer to the Authentication API docs.