Mobile Multiplayer

brainCloud provides built-in support for mobile-friendly, non-realtime multiplayer.

Full APIs for the following multiplayer types are provided:

  • Turn-by-Turn Async – made popular by games like Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc.
  • One-way Offline – made popular by games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, etc.

brainCloud also provides customizable offline matchmaking support (perfect for the above multiplayer options).

Online Multiplayer via RTT

brainCloud RTT adds support for Online Matchmaking and Lobbies, and the development of custom Room Experiences to meet the needs for today’s most competitive online experiences.

For more information, see the Lobby Concepts page.

Third Party Multiplayer

Finally, brainCloud famously plays nicely with third-party real-time multiplayer SDKs, such as Photon, Unity, Steam, Unreal and more.

For more information: