Virtual Currency

The Virtual Currency tab lets you view and potentially edit the user’s virtual currency balances.


The first section of the page lists all the app’s currencies and the selected User’s stats related to them.  Balance is the quantity of currency the User currently possesses.  Awarded counts the currency gained though rewards from Milestones, Quests, Achievements, etc.  Purchased indicates the total amount of currency gained through purchasing products in marketplace transactions.  Consumed represents the total amount of currency that has been spent by the User.  Editing currency is possible by clicking the Purchased number.

To see the raw JSON for all the currencies listed click the {…} icon beside the total record count at the top right.


The Transactions section lists all the Product transactions from various marketplaces (iTunes, Facebook, etc).  Item ID is the ID of the Product that was purchased.  Type indicates the type of marketplace the purchase originated from.  Timestamp is the time and date the transaction took place at.  Data allows you to view the raw transaction data by clicking the eye icon.  Refund indicates whether a transaction has been refunded to the User.