brainCloud has been specifically designed to support Games and Gamified apps.

To facilitate this, brainCloud provides built-in support for common gaming mechanisms, including:

  • Player XP and XP Levels – brainCloud can directly manage player XP and XP levels, and automatically reward stats, achievements and even virtual currency when a player “level’s up”
  • Achievements – brainCloud supports an unlimited number of achievements, and these achievements can be linked to native platform achievements so that they trigger automatically
  • Milestones – milestones are configured to trigger when certain User [Player] Stat levels are achieved.  Milestones can be configured to reward other statistics, virtual currencies, XP and/or achievements.
  • Quests – quests are essentially multi-part milestones, with their own rewards
  • Stats Events – essentially server-side macros that expand into individual stats commands. Useful for creating an abstraction between the triggering of events in code (done by the developer) and their impact on the metagame of the app (controlled by the designer in the portal)
brainCloud Gamification Features