New Linux Libs!

Release Highlights

Highlights of this release include:

  • New Client Libs* – new Linux C++ Client, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.
  • New Unity Example – we’ve built a UNET version of brainCloud Bombers
  • Performance optimizations – ongoing optimizations to tune performance and scalability

* All other clients updated with the latest APIs, of course.


Portal Changes

Changes to the portal:

  • Linux is now a selectable platform – see Design | Core App Info | Platforms
  • Disable Event-checking – If you aren’t using events, you can disable checking for them in each message by unchecking the option in Design | Core App Info | Compatibility Settings
  • Flexible User Deletion – ability to Delete all Test Users, and All but Test Users.  In portal under Design | Core App Info | Admin Tools
  • File transfer usage – now being reported in API Usage section of Reporting


API Changes / Additions

Changes and additions to the APIs:

  • We’re reworking our Events system a bit:
    • GetEvents() method added to support directly polling for new events
    • Authenticate() and GetPlayerState() continue to return incoming and sent events.


Misc. Changes / Fixes

Additional improvements in this release:

  • Apple push notification certificates without passwords now work (before a password was *required*).
  • Improved error logs – script failures being more consistently logged now, and with more information
  • Improved matchmaking – we’ve improved the randomness of our matchmaking routines